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What to eat in Cancun?

What to eat in Cancun?

Cancun food

Typical food you should eat during your vacation in Cancun. Experience the great variety of the typical dishes of the region.

If you are planning a vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, make a list of activities to do in Cancun and do not miss the opportunity, at least leave the hotel one day and eat the best local food in Cancun.
In the blog of Royal Reservations, we give you a recommendation of the best places:

1.- Tikin Xic Fish – Restaurant Tikin Xic
This is one of the most typical dishes of the region.
The preparation of the Tikin Xic fish is simple and consists of spicing a mere fish in a sauce of secret ingredients and axiote pasta. It is cooked on the coals, which are made of coconut husks, which gives it an incredible flavor when cooking.
If you are staying in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, you can eat this dish in the fishing community of Punta Nizuc.

Pescado Tikin-Xic en Cancún
Tikin-Xic Fish

2.- Papadzules – El Pocito
If you are a fan of tacos or enchiladas, you will love this typical Yucatecan dish. The dish consists of corn tortillas stuffed with boiled egg and bathed in a pumpkin seed sauce. It is decorated with a habanero chili sauce, which gives it a spicy touch, purple onion and slices of habanero pepper without seeds.
In El Pocito you can eat this and more traditional dishes of Yucatecan food.

3.- Lima soup – La Habichuela

This is one of the most traditional dishes of the Yucatan Peninsula and the one you should eat during your visit to Cancun.
The lime soup is extremely refreshing and it is made from a chicken broth. It is served hot on a bed of fried corn tortillas, shredded chicken breast, chopped tomato, filleted purple onion, ground oregano, and lime slices. You won’t stop eating it from the beginning to the end!

Sopa de Lima Platillo tradicional en Cancun
Lime Soup

4.- Cochinita pibil – Hacienda Sisal

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Yucatecan food is perfect. Each of the dishes is a perfect mix between the influence of Mayan and European culture. If you are on vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, you should eat the Cochinita pibil in Hacienda Sisal: the best Mexican restaurant in Cancun. The experience eating this dish, made with a mixture of chili peppers, achiote and wrapped in a banana leaf, will be the best memory of your vacation in Mexico.

5.- Marquesitas – Parque de las palapas
This is the classic dessert throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. It consists of a very thin and rolled type of crepe that is filled with Dutch cheese and some jams. It can also be filled with cream cheese and salty flavors like ham.
You can eat them in many places when you are on vacation in Cancun but the ideal place is Palapas Park.

Marquesitas en Cancun

We hope this list of recommendations for the typical food that you should eat during your vacation in Cancun will be very useful. We want you to live the best experience in the Mexican Caribbean.

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