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The best things to do and see in Curacao

The best things to do and see in Curacao

Willemstad Curacao

Discover all the things to do and see in Curacao. Make your next trip to this Caribbean destination the best experience of your life.

Curacao is a Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. It has incredible turquoise blue beaches and one of the largest coral reef barriers in the world, where there is great marine flora and fauna.
In this Caribbean island, you and your family can live a dream vacation. In your trip, you will be able to know the amazing Dutch architecture in pastel colors, national parks such as Christoffel Park, Shete Boka Park or Curacao Sea Aquarium. For shopping lovers, you can also find a variety of boutiques and souvenir shops.

For these reasons and more we tell you why you should visit Curacao in your next visits to the Caribbean:

Curacao beaches that you must visit 👌🏝

The most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean are in Curacao. All the beaches of Curacao are of a hypnotizing Caribbean turquoise color and with fine white sand. They are located in the south of the island and they are perfect for taking a well-deserved rest.

The most famous beaches in Curacao are:

🏖 Bahía Azul: This family beach, is one of the favorites for vacationers traveling with children. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🏖 Cas Abao: The fine white sand of this beach that is surrounded by palm trees is ideal for sunbathing. ☀🌴
🏖 Caracasbaai: Perfect for diving or snorkeling tour. 🏊‍♂
🏖 Sea Aquarium: Its shallow waters and ideal for children to spend a day playing in the sea. 🌊

Sea Aquarium Beach at The Royal Sea Aquarium
Sea Aquarium Beach

The best place to dive in Curacao

Curacao is a destination in the Caribbean perfect for snorkeling and diving. In the Curacao Dolphin Academy, you can have the opportunity to practice some of these water sports. During the practice of this tour, you can observe fish and the barrier of the largest coral reef in the world.

Visit Willemstad and its surroundings

Book a walking tour and visit the surroundings of Willemstad. Discover the beauty of this tourist destination declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Know the cultural and historical aspects of the capital when touring the neighborhood of Otrobanda.

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Willemstad in Curacao
Willemstad Curacao

The best prestigious stores in Curacao

Due to the European influence of this Caribbean island, here you can find the best shops and restaurants in prestige; Punda and Otrobanda Breedestraat is the ideal place to buy souvenirs at affordable prices, and at Promenade Shopping Center there are the most recognized stores worldwide, mostly European, to buy items of the best quality.

Visit the Kurá Hulanda Museum in Curacao

In this museum, you will find the most complete collection of African objects. You can also see an exhibition about slaves and the transatlantic trade they practiced. Here you will also learn a little more about the history of Africa, through a collection of artifacts and how they have influenced the current culture of Curacao.

Kura Hulanda Museum In Curacao
Kura Hulanda Museum in Curacao

Now you know a little bit more of this special Caribbean Island, are you prepared to visit it? You only have made your luggage, book your stay in Curacao and enjoy the island.

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